Bergen County Brick Installation | A. Curatola Masonry & Brick Contractors


Brick gives a wall permanence and beauty.  Brick homes have lower maintenance costs and often lower insurance rates because of their fire resistant characteristics.  Not to mention, higher resale values and curb appeal. A. Curatola also specializes in brick pointing which is the repointing of mortar joints to avoid the undesirable entrance of water.  Block construction is the sturdiest means of structural strength.  We always recommend its use because of its durability under all weather conditions.

We here at A. Curatola Contracting, Inc. are proudly entering our 8th decade of professional masonry services.  A. Curatola Contracting, Inc. exemplifies European craftsmanship and pride.  This is a Family Owner–Operated business which has done extensive masonry work throughout all of Bergen and Hudson Counties.  No job is considered too small and we are proud to be able to say that we have serviced generation after generation of home and property owners.


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